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Ghost Stories in the Sunlight

Jul 23, 2020

Let us take you away to Fairyland. Or as it's also known, Ireland. Enjoy your stay...but BYO teacups, don't drink or eat, and don't mess with the Fair Folk.


Jul 19, 2020

WE HAVE A LISTENER GHOST STORY!!! WE HAVE A LISTENER GHOST STORY!!! A LISTENER SENT US A GHOST STORIES!!! We are very excited to present a ghost story from Andrew about his encounters at Gladstone Villa.

BIG thank you to Andrew for his wonderful submission. If you have a story to share please let us know- we clearly get...

Jul 9, 2020

What do ghosts, the ABC, Guilford, burping, tunnels and Ready Steady Cook all have in common? This podcast. Join us as we explore the ghosts of the Rose and Crown hotel.